Anonymous: I've been considering giving this whole WWE thing a look but I don't actually have a TV (just a PC with wifi) so I don't exactly know where to start. Tell me your secrets



excellent awesome i’m proud of you already. there’s really a lot to enjoy in wwe. there’s real impressive athleticism/choreography, drama ranging from compelling to hilarious, hunks, babes, whatever you’re into, and a constant stream of legitimate backstage drama and clashing egos. i’m personally in it for the stories, the spectacle, as well as the cool flips and slams and the cool psychology that comes with it. it’s really great when you find a few people who you really get behind (and there’s a style for everyone) because even though the matches are predetermined, the success is largely real. they’re all performing, but a performer that wins a lot generally moves on to greater importance, paychecks, notoriety, etc., so it’s really gratifying to see your guy be successful on a number of levels


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This is SUCH A GOOD POST because it addresses the pros and cons of wrestling (the major cons being how much you need to know to GET it and how much content there is) while highlighting RECENT matches, not just throwing up a link to Undertaker Vs Mandkind at KOTR 1998 and calling it a day. 

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how to piss someone off:

leave the door open


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Daddy, how do they make babies? Do you like horse baby? Cow baby?


#i did not expect to love helena’s storyline so much #but this show just keeps delivering on the female agency #no one had to swoop in to save helena #she came to her realizations #she made her plan #and she put it into motion #she was brutal and deadly #but she also gave gracie a way out. showed compassion to a girl who once tried to kill her #there is no denying helena is damaged and wild and terrifying #but she is also sweet in her own way #she cares for children. she cares for family. she protects what she cares for #and it was so fucking satisfying watching her burn those motherfuckers to the ground

Helena is so childlike, it’s freaking heartbreaking. Obviously the way she was raised, in the convent and especially with Tomas and Maggie Chen, seriously stunted her emotional development. She interacts more easily with children than with other adults - something we see over and over again. With Kira, with the prolethian children, with the kid whose home she breaks into after being stabbed last season. She enters the series as an assassin who makes barbie dolls look like her targets. Maggie Chen’s storage locker is filled with broken toys, things that Helena has pilfered away (because why would Tomas or Maggie provide her with new toys? to them she was an abomination, useful only as a tool to destroy). She loves food, good food, and sweets, delighting in them like a child and consuming whatever is available because she’s not used to regular meals. She very obviously doesn’t know what to do with kindness when it’s offered, never trusts it, because she’s learned the hard way that nothing good ever lasts.

And her rage, my god. Have you ever seen an angry child? Really seen one? They are vicious. They are cruel. The know how to hurt you and will not hesitate to inflict all the damage they can. They don’t know empathy. And Helena, Helena is an angry child who, to her delight, has discovered that she is big enough and strong enough to destroy. This woman could level cities and feel no remorse.

And yet, there’s something gentle about her. There’s hope. A longing. Longing for love, for comfort, for family. Sarah shot her, tried to kill her, and yet when Helena sees her again she turns to her for comfort. She falls in love with Jesse for showing her the smallest bit of comfort, and treasures his hat and her memories of him. Gracie called her an abomination yes, but what does that matter to Helena? She’s heard such things all her life. But she doesn’t hold a grudge.

Helena is a tortured, abused child who has grown big enough to burn the world in her wake. She’s no longer locked in Thomas’ cage. No longer cutting angel wings into her flesh in penance. She is terrifying. She is awe-inspiring. Fear her. Love her.




Absolutely NOT



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me starting to like someone image

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Unfriendly reminder that in America it’s reasonable to say an unarmed black kid deserved to be shot six times because he might have robbed a convenience store, but a white kid shouldn’t be kicked off the high school football team just because he violently raped a girl.

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