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12:59 AM September 30th


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My house just suddenly burst into flames

Same here

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Chuck was really great, probably the last show nbc had that wasn’t really really terrible tbh. And it’s only like 4 seasons long?

i’ve heard good things about it since forever but never got around to watching it so i think its time to rectify that

plus its on netflix so i wouldnt even have to go through the effort (“effort”) of downloading it im probably gonna start with it as soon as im done s8 of dexter

i need some completed tv shows to watch right now i currently watch 39 in progress shows and that is terrible i cant add any more BUT i need tv to watch constantly so while im waiting for new episodes for those 39 shows i need shows to watch in the meantime

im thinking like maybe chuck or the sopranos but also does anyone have SUGGESTIONS????

Mellie Grant → Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia

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